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Providing fair priced and quality jigs so you can GO FISH!

SoCal Jigs begins with Southern California Fishing in mind…

The Southern California Fishing season is barely starting and your favorite tackle shop is out of the flat fall jig that you need? The shelves are empty! The tuna and dorado are biting and you don’t have access to that one lure you know they love. You search online and order a few alternative lures that say they are just as good as the big brand name. You finally receive the jigs in the mail after waiting for days. Now you get to put your new purchase to use, but: the hooks are weak, the finish is chipping, and it is done after a few uses. 

We have all been there, and that is why SoCal Jigs is providing you with affordable and quality jigs! 

Southern California Fishing San Diego fisherman with catches

Our Story

“It is not just about the catch, fishing is about appreciating nature and the lifelong memories you have with fellow fishermen. One of my most memorable fishing experiences, is when I took my youngest nephew fishing for the first time.  ” – Tommy

Founder, Tommy Capriotti, has been fishing all of his life. Fishing is a hobby and passion that was passed on from his father who toured with Michigan Bassmasters Invitational and placed 10th.

Tommy lives in Southern California and enjoys offshore fishing with San Diego landings. After these expeditions Tommy likes to enjoy sharing his catches with his friends and family. He has even been canning his tuna for 4 seasons!

Click here to learn more about one of Tommy’s most memorable fishing experiences!

Our Mission

We provide reasonably priced access to the most in demand products for  anglers in Southern California. Our jigs are made with durability in mind to help prevent chipping from hook rash, teeth, rocks & boat decks. Our jigs will hold up to a beating and still catch fish!


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