8/0 Cutting Edge Hooks


  • 8/0 Cutting Point Hooks
  • 4-Pack
  • Anti-rust Black Chrome Finish
  • Welded Eye


These big game cutting edge hooks are ideal for custom rigging and trolling. Rig them with big chunk baits or skirted lures. Anti-rust black chrome finish with welded eye. These are the ultimate 8/0 hooks for catching big tuna and marlin!

Features: 4-Pack 8/0 Cutting Edge Hooks

Our 4-pack 8/0  hooks have a black chrome anti-rust finish. These short shank big game hooks are chemically sharpened also feature a welded eye. Whether you need additional hooks for your Glow Jig or you want to rig your SoCal Flat Fall, these are a great addition to your tackle box. Go fish!


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