What is jigging?

Jigging is the practice of fishing with a jig, a type of fishing lure. There are different techniques of jigging. For example there is speed jigging, high-speed jigging, vertical jigging, butterfly jigging and slow pitch jigging.

The Slow Pitch Jigging Technique

The founder of this successful angler technique is Norihiro Sato. He developed and began teaching this innovative and effective jigging technique in Japan in the 90’s. The concept of slow pitch jigging is simple. Predatory fish look for easy prey. Sato’s slow pitch jigging technique mimics injured prey.

This method of jigging is slow in tempo compared to speed jigging. It is a continuous sequence creating butterfly effect. This fluttering effect is more effective than a fleeing motion.

There are two essential parts to the slow pitch jigging technique: setting up the slow pitch and boating in vertical alignment.

How to Slow Pitch

With this method the rod bends upwards after a partial turn of the reel handle, full turn, ½ turn or a ¼ turn which imparts the action to the jig. After the pitch of the rod the rod springs back up releasing due to the whip action and the jig is tossed to the side. The center balanced jig slides to the side and moves in the horizontal position. It is when the jig is on its side that triggers the reaction strike. By lifting and rod and reeling a partial turn and then dropping the rod this again sees the jig free fall with its own built in action eliciting the strike as it drops. Various actions of the rod work well and it helps to experiment with rhythm and timing of the pitch on a particular day until the angler has dialed in on what works for that day and conditions.

Slow Pitch Jigging is so successful because there are so many tactical choices and options. This techniques appeals to many types of fish species, the fish’s mood, and varying sea conditions. Examples of tactical choices that the angler can make includes:

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Jig – type weight or color
  • Line
  • Leader
  • Rings
  • Hooks
  • Assist line
  • Application of reeling and jerking


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