One of my most memorable fishing experiences, is when I took my youngest nephew fishing for the first time. I prefer offshore fishing but growing up here in Southern California I enjoy fishing for bass and trout as well. 

I decided to take my nephew to Trabuco Creek in Orange County. We arrived in the morning to find the creek flowing with plenty of water and lots of stocked trout. Not only did the creek hold lots of trout that day, but the creek was choked with overgrowth from bushes and trees, making it virtually impossible for the first time fisherman to cast out a line. 

Given this challenge for my nephew I decided to cast the little spinning outfit for him, hook the fish and let him reel it in. This technique worked for the first couple fish. But my nephew insisted that he wanted to cast the rod and reel and catch a fish all by himself.         

I was reluctant to let him do it, knowing he would probably lose half of my fishing lures, before catching any fish on his own. I decided anyways to let him go ahead. Like a little ninja fisherman that he was, he casted the lure straight down the line, through all the branches right into the strike zone, without snagging a single branch. Engaging the reel immediately and giving the handle a couple cranks, he was on. From that moment on he was a pro, quickly catching his own limit of trout. It was an awesome experience for both him and I. I can’t tell you the feeling I had watching my little nephew catch his first fish on his own. The look on his face was priceless. 

If you’ve ever had this experience you know what I’m talking about. I encourage anyone to take a kid fishing any chance they get. You won’t regret it. That day we both took home a limit of trout, and memories to last a lifetime. My nephews is in his 20s now and he still talks about that day and that memory will always be one of my most memorable fishing adventures.

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